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2007 SCCA rules are out!

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  • Brandon94sc2
    That may be true, but the upper pillowball mounts that can be purchased for the coilovers seem like they are smaller then the stock size so it might acctually be of some use to slot those holes.

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  • DTDSasquatch
    The 2006 rules had that allowance as well. I'm not so sure it does it us much good with such a small center hole though.

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  • Budman
    Guest started a topic 2007 SCCA rules are out!

    2007 SCCA rules are out!


    An item I found interesting......

    "The following allowances apply to strut-type suspensions. Adjustable
    camber plates may be installed at the top of the strut and
    the original upper mounting holes may be slotted. The drilling of
    holes in order to perform the installation is permitted. The center
    clearance hole may not be modified. Any type of bearing or bushing
    may be used in the adjustable camber plate attachment to the
    strut. The installation may incorporate an alternate upper spring
    perch/seat and/or mounting block (bearing mount). Any ride
    height change resulting from installation of camber plates is allowed.
    Caster changes resulting from the use of camber plates
    are permitted."

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