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Bad springs?

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  • Bad springs?

    I was replacing some bolts on my exhaust last friday, and noticed that my back springs are almost completely compressed, just sitting on the ground. (actually it was on a lift) Also, the spings look like they're skewed sideways, and are rubbing on the lip of the lower spring plate. all the powder-coat has been rubbed clean off, and it definitely accounts for the nasty metallic klunking i keep hearing from back there when i hit bumps or take hard turns.

    The springs are the progress sprint springs... supposed to be 1-1/2" drop, but i'm wondering if i need to replace them?

    I'll try to get pictures up soon.
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    They were compressed while the car was off the ground? I never noticed with my stock springs when I lifted it, but that could be an issue.
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      no, they are completely compressed when it's on the ground. there's maybe an inch at the top that's not compressed. i'll post up pics tomorrow.
      this is actually starting to worry me, because the springs are skewed toward the rear of the car, and they're making some nasty metal-on-metal noises at every turn and bump. i got a hold the the old stock springs... and those may go on this weekend as a temporary fix. does anyone have better spring suggestions for the RL than Progress Sprint springs?? (that's the messed up ones i have now)
      -Kevin<br /><br />&quot;Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!&quot;<br /><br />


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        Okay, you have noise. However, that might be the bumpstop etc. hitting each other. Mmmmm, IDK, change out your struts maybe?
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          My H&R's are compressed at the bottom, but those are just the tender springs. The Progress Springs might also have tender springs. I'd take them both off and check the struts and springs for anything weird.
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