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SL wheel/tire question

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  • SL wheel/tire question

    I have a 99 SL with stock 14" steel wheels.
    i would like to go to 15" wheels and lower profile tires, but i am not sure i have the money to replace all my wheels and tires at once, because i don't work during the school year. Price will probably be the main deciding factor, but i would really like to see my brake rotors.

    what would you guys reccomend for wheels less than $100 each?

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    OEM alloys.
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      did they make the oem alloys in 14"? My girlfriend has a saturn with the oem alloys and they are 15s

      edit: im not really looking for OEM wheels anyway- i would just stay with the steel wheels- but i want something a little better looking, or so i can see my brake rotors


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        You are gonna have a hard time finding aftermarket for cheap.

        If you want to stay cheap, search ebay for


        and that will bring up alot of stuff, you might find some used rims for cheap, just be careful on width or offset.
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          im looking at a set of motegi wheels that are 14x6. would i run into any clearance problems? and what tires do you think i should use to keep ratios around stock?


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            People have ran 17s on saturns before, why would you have an issue with 14s or 15s..?

            My car came stock with 15s and the wheel gap is gay, I wouldn't go lower than 16 if I was buying based on looks.
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              Originally posted by d3ad1ysp0rk
              People have ran 17s on saturns before, why would you have an issue with 14s or 15s..?
              lol i have 18's

              And i think a few people have even put 20's on them.
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                the honda civic HX wheels ar 15" and look real good. I had a 1988 VW GTI with them on it looked awesome too.


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                  i guess i should have stated that where i live it is really hilly , theres a lot of road construction, and they salt the roads a lot, so theres a lot of potholes. This is why i can't have too low of a profile tire.


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                    here is a pic of those wheels on a civic

           ... D%26sa%3DN


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                      those look ok, maybe i'll hold off for now and buy new wheels when my tires are worn out, sometime next year.


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                        the price listed is for FOUR wheels.
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                          I would rock these out on a flat black sw2, first or second gen



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                            As some have hinted at, OEM wheels for a different car can look like aftermarket wheels on a Saturn. 4x100 Civic and VW rims will bolt right onto a Saturn, and look different from stock, because they're not stock on a Saturn. I think some Sentra rims will fit, too (SE-R, etc.)

                            But also keep the hub size in mind. For instance, Miata wheels will NOT fit on a Saturn (without modification) because the center hole is too small for a Saturn hub. I've seen them bored out larger so that they'll fit, but as-is they won't. Miata wheels are lightweight, and from a 90-97 (pop-up headlight version) they were 14".

                            Looked badass on my MR2, too. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]
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