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  • arospeed coilovers ... v=vmd00365

    if you look at that link, it says 98-02 ions...

    what is different from the 02 to the 04 that i have?!

    will it not fit!?

    I have skunk2 lowering springs right now, but with the 18s, it looks stock height... i wanna be alot lower... i mean it handels awesome just needs to be lower...

    anyone know about this tho!?

    <br />04 Saturn Ion 2 Sedan(FLOODED/TOTALED)
    <br />WTB: REDLINE w/ miles under 20k
    <br />Loc: louisiana

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    um the ion wasnt made until 03
    Originally posted by ECOtec Gods
    Consider this: 800 hp is a lot on a 2.0L motor. With 750hp, three-quarters of a thousand you're basically dealing with 6.14 hp per cubic inch. Pressures and stresses of all kinds thermal and mechanical loading across the board escalate to extreme levels. A Chevrolet 5.7-liter LS1 V8 with this much specific power (horsepower per cubic inch) would be making 2,137 hp


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      i was about to say i know its early and all but i taught the same thing. no ions before 03


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        wow, the site does say 98 - 02 ions....might wanna go with a different company that actually knows the different saturn models...just my .02
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          i agree with you on that one ace, but what other companys is there?

          <br />04 Saturn Ion 2 Sedan(FLOODED/TOTALED)
          <br />WTB: REDLINE w/ miles under 20k
          <br />Loc: louisiana


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