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#1 Coilovers from Nopi Review

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  • #1 Coilovers from Nopi Review

    Just got em' installed, damn does it look good, but holy shit that is one bouncy ride. I used new Monroe SensaTrac struts and #1 coilovers from nopi, do not buy these coilovers,
    1. They do not come with accurate instructions and I do not recommend coilovers for the faint of heart. You have to grid away part of your strut just to get these things to fit. Accurate instructions can be found at
    2. It came with wrong parts, the top threaded disc that goes on the sleeve was just barely the wrong thread leaving me with only the option of minimum drop in the front or max (I went with max all around) Anyway, that was a pain in my ass cuz I it was like crossthreading the bitch the whole way.

    Just a note: No scrubbing, rubbing, or bottoming out. final measurements from the bottom of the stock sideskirt (on the painted plastic part where you see the plastic rivets going up) 6" in front and 5.5" in rear. Using 205/40R17 tires.
    Oh yeah, and dont worry with buying new struts either, at 450lbs in the front and 350lbs in the rear, new struts arnt going to be able to dampen anything.
    Handling: Feels like driving a gocart both in the fact that there is near zero body roll and the fact that you will need to see the chiropractor when you finish your first test drive on a bumpy road. I told a buddy that its like driving a trailer.
    If I were to do it again, I would go with springs but the car does look nice with the rear a little lower than the front. I'll post pics in my garage in a few days.
    Road noise: Almost forgot the mention the fucking popping noises. There is no way short of welding to permanently secure the threaded insert to the strut body, therefore resulting in a popping noise from your springs, honestly its annoying but it is livable once you turn the radio on or if you have loud exhaust.

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