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annoying noise.

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  • djgeo05
    ok, well i found out this is my cv joint! Nobody? nothing?

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  • djgeo05
    started a topic annoying noise.

    annoying noise.

    ok well this is more of a problem. AND ITS BOTHERING ME! Well im going to explain what this is, when iam driving and i let go of the accelorator, it makes a click noise. Kind of like if the seat was loose and it was just thumping. Well i checked that and that wasnt the problem. Over the last week its just been getting worse and worse. Today i raced, and the kid i raced was whining about he had too many ppl in the car (even though i whooped him by like 20 car lenghts right from the start) <well this is a split thread... well another two kids got in my car. One of them goes to a autotech class and told me it had to do something with the joint of the suspension. Something like that, its not him if this is wrong because im pretty sure those werent the exact words he said. Any ideas what this might be? How can i fix it? is it worth fixing it?

    well enough said now im going to the street and strips race forum [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]

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