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tie rod ends?

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  • tie rod ends?

    i went to get a alighnment and they couldnt do it cause my pass tie rod was so worn,so i picked up both side just the ends not the shaft gimmicks,,ive removed the castle nuts b4,so do i just use a backup wrench on the shaft and loosen it,screw on the new one,put the castle nut back on?
    anything im missing,im painting the threads or something to keep the new ones close to where they were
    i would assume it would be easier to loosen it at the shaft before removing the castle nut?
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    ok what i did was loosen the jam nut on the inner tie rod. i then put the nut back against the outer tie rod but only so its against the tie rod and not actually holding it. remove the outer tie rod nut, and the remove the tie rod. put the new one on till its against the nut, slip it into the knuckle, tighten the nut down, then tighten the jam nut down.

    i didnt mark the threads at all. i just used the jam nut as a mark and worked out perfectly fine for me. but it doesnt matter all too much for you, because your going to get an alignment afterwards right?
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