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2002 L300 ABS issue

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  • 2002 L300 ABS issue

    I am troubleshooting an ABS issue (P1669) that was originally accompanied by a P0500 DTC. Looking at live data, the VSS is showing 0MPH at all times. So I replaced the VSS even tho it ohmed correctly (only $20.00). Occasionally the ABS light goes off and the VSS starts reporting the vehicle speed correctly once again, although most of the time the ABS light is on and the VSS shows 0MPH on the scan tool.. I'm thinking that I need to check the wiring harness between the ABS module and the VSS. I'm guessing that the VSS signal is going through the ABS module before it gets to my scan tool but that's just a guess. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the ABS system (2002 Saturn L300) ?
    A pin-out for the connector at the ABS module would be a great help !
    Also looking for wiring between the ABS module and the PCM...


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    By vehicle speed sensor are you talking about the transaxle? if you are losing signal there is it showing up on the speedometer? if not sounds like one of the wheel sensors or it's wiring which is relatively vulnerable, especially after 20+ years.


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      I am having difficulty uploading attachments over 19.5 KILOBYTES.


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        If you are comfortable with it, i have the 6 PDF's on google drive.


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