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  • Final Coilover Thread

    Alright people. Through broken promises and dead ends I have two very very good shots at getting Coilovers for the S-Series at $1k or under. Friday I’ll be sending a front and rear strut / spring assembly to yellowspeed racing to get that going again. I was told they were game but no one followed through. Well. I am.

    Also, BC racing is another one I’ve started emailing back and forth. That’s positive as well. I don’t want any BS or anything here. Just making known I’m all in on this since I picked up another s series. If you’re interested just let me know that way I can have some solid numbers. I’ll post on Saturnfans too. This isn’t a group buy. If it comes to that, I’ll post in the proper section.


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    BC got back to me and said they need a minimum of 30 orders to get the R&D process going.


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      If you are willing to open up a couple of holes for the top mounts you can have them shipping a set from BC next week. They make good quality products and are good for getting individual parts should you need to replace anything that is ever damage. Big reason why AMR was not popular among the race teams was the lack of support and spare parts, waiting 6 months for parts could mean missing an entire racing season. BC on the other hand could ship parts and have you back in business the next week. The two setups we had prototyped 8 years ago were one based of of the Dodge Neon coilovers that were the original swapped options but the strut bodies were a little short for what we would want for a production version, the second was a hybrid of WRX and E30 parts as I recall and was a bit better but also had Cobalt lower front pickups as it was going on my Ion Redline swapped first gen wagon using the entire subframe and suspension from the ION under the S-series frame in the front.
      Just a guy with a thing for tubeframes and motorswaps...
      Saturns, I have them, too many of them actually


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