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Loco blower on a camaro.....

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  • Loco blower on a camaro.....

    The begining of the video is plain jane drag racing, but if you watch the whole thing you will see something cool. The guy put a locomotive roots type blower on his camaro. I work on these things for a living, they push 20 lbs of boost thru what is probably equivilant to a 3 foot diamater pipe. the fact that this guy got it running is crazy nuts, i just wish u could see it run.........

    1997 Gold SC2<br />Mostly stock, but i still beat the shit out of it every day...... 30+ mpg&#39;s!!

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    Re: Loco blower on a camaro.....

    lol, lifting an inch and blowing both head gaskets, with a blip of the throttle.

    I can beat it.
    96 sc2m - whore.
    - $3.7k to go till completion..


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