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Swp clutch setup guide (using Saturn parts)

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  • Swp clutch setup guide (using Saturn parts)

    Alright guys, so I'm going to attempt to provide as much info as I can so hopefully this process can be replicated.
    I'm sure there are already guides out there to swap from auto to manual transmission, which are the same for Rhd. The biggest change is the clutch mechanism, so this is what I will focus the most on.

    - 3g Saturn slave and master clutch cylinders along with fluid reservoir and mounting bracket. (don't get the lines you wont need them)
    - 3g Saturn clutch pedal from LHD vehicle (this includes the pedal push rod and the mounting rod along with its nut)

    InkedInkedclutch pedal_LI.jpg

    -Russell 640281 fittings. (pack comes with two its all you need)


    - Goodridge -3AN 48 inch long braided line

    -16 gauge sheet of metal (I got mine from an ace hardware doesn't have to be that big probably 8 by 12 inches is fine.)
    - 4 5/8 bolts (5 inch long) along with 3 nuts, 2 washers and 2 split locking washers for each.
    - 1 transmission dog bone to body bolt. (long one with the washer usually a grey-ish color)

    Okay so here is how I did it

    I started with the pedal. The rod that mounts to the steering column on a regular LHD saturn that holds the pedal is not long enough for the RHD. so I used the dogbone bolt to extend the rod like 4 inches (I welded the two together). That way it would reach from one end to the other of the steering column mount holes in the RHD. When you take the pedal out you'll know which holes I'm talking about. in the picture you can see where I welded the bolt to the rod. This view is from the windshield with the dash cover off.

    Once the rod is in place the clutch pedal can be assembled like it was on the LHD.

    Next the push rod from the pedal to master has to be cut. I took off about an inch and a half. not too sure. make sure to round the end.
    while at it also cut the brake pedal to make it a bit more square-ish Otherwise it will be too close to the clutch.

    The next part is the pedal mounting bracket. a square hole was cut into the steel plate. The square has to be big enough for the master cylinder to go through it and twist to lock into place. then cut the plate to size, I don't remember the exact dimensions since it was done by making a cardboard template.

    When the engine is out you'll be able to see that the fire wall has the hole for the clutch pedal already. you'll want to line up your plate from the outside and drill the holes into the firewall for the bolts to go through.

    Once the holes are drilled you will need to set the bolts in through the plate then it'll be washer, split washer nut (tighten these to secure bolts to the plate)
    Then another nut and washer after (this nut will be used to adjust the mounting plate inside the firewall)
    once the plate is situated through the inside of the firewall you use the remaining split washer and nut to tighten the bolts on the outside to the firewall.

    next step is to insert one of the russell fittings into the master and the other into the slave (they come with new o-rings, I didn't use them since the cylinders had them inside already.) then the master cylinder can be placed in its final position. I reused the rubber cover that was in the firewall to keep dust and water from getting inside
    The mounting bracket for the reservoir had to be rebent in order to be able to bolt it in place. and a new longer hose was used.

    The last step is to connect the braided line onto the master and slave, bleed the system and then adjust pedal travel if necessary.
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