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  • Warning about a O’Reilly Parts

    OK guys, you guys probably heard this before. But beware of O’Reilly’s parts that you buy from them. Precision to be exact, that brand I bought axles with. I have ate through 4 times in the last 2 years . it took care of everything, everything is up to par, so I don’t know why does axles keep going out. But it’s also seem that the actual Gyro that goes out in those axles.
    Number two I bought a pump assembly unit. I didn’t have to do anything but just install it plug and play. But I just had to deal with the actual feed line, going to the filter from the top of the unit. It Popped off. They’re not making their parts like they used to. So if y’all buy parts from O’Reilly‘s. Check your quality check the parts and maybe spend a little more money on OE Parts not their house stuff. Standard ignition‘s another house OEM part that they sell I seem not to have any issues with them so far except for the EGR. Everything else seems to work just fine. I have a couple videos, but they will not load on here. You could see him on the six for your Facebook. I did post them on there if you’re curious. Just giving a warning out.
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    I concur with your statements! They'll get you out of a pinch but they are higher price and equal or lesser quality than online offerings.

    When i ran EGR, i always just cleaned the old one. I also have a NOS OEM fuel pump lurking for when the 20 year old one fails


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