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L-Series Coilovers and Sway Bars

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  • L-Series Coilovers and Sway Bars

    Well I have been pretty busy with work, life, living and well... maybe going to bit full retard... I have been posting over on Saturnfans so I will be clipping pieces here and there...

    Original Post:

    For the passed year I have been looking at suspension options for the L-Series and well, I think I won...


    And to clear up, the coil overs are for a Opel Vectra B (4 cly) There are V6 options as well and I can only assume they have a stiffer spring in them. They are FK High-Sport Coilovers.

    The sway bars are for a SAAB 9-5 Turbo.

    And since I'm posting stuff this is something I will consider too as I have this issue. Maybe not after I put the new springs in but a good idea

    However, the front struts are a no biggie. You can use the bearings that come pressed in the top of the stock mounts, however, they need to be carefully cut out.

    Also, with the strut mount you need to remove the stock coil seat... They are either screwed in or the plastic has been melted to hold it... drill it out...

    It fits perfect! This bearing was the stock on in my dads car. I tore apart his old mounts. The bearings actually are in good shape.

    Like a glove!

    Now I am sure you are asking, why can't you just buy the bearing separate? Well, if you want to buy them a case of 100 at a time from Germany, well good on yah! These bearings are special order for individual units or mass purchase. You can get them from the UK for 10 pounds plus shipping a piece. They are also listed for GM and you guessed it, Opel lol So it looks like I am bang on for fitment with the coil overs.

    The top rubber mount that sits in the top of the housing on the car can also be bought separately through rock auto(for the opel vectra b). It's actually the only part that fails really. As I said before the bearing it self was still in great shape. But if anyone else decided to follow this route, buy the cheap front mount kits, cut the bearing out and assemble. It's really that easy on the front.

    The rears are straight forward, no messing around needed

    A week later....

    Well the results are in! Coil overs are drop in affair as shown above

    Sway bars are a different story. The rears require modifying the stock end links. I have yet to determine what to do with these yet, however the uni ball spherical threaded bearings are doing the trick right now. The front I couldn't get in. And for you manual trans guys out there, you don't need to drop the sub frame/engine cradle to get the bar out either. With the down pipe being out of the way it's easy to slip across. The new bar bends too early and won't sit where the frame mount is supposed to be. I'm going to make a custom mount as everything else lines up perfect aside from the mount.

    I don't have a final drop picture as I have to balance the height front-rear and left-right. The rear end is all the way up on the threads and sits above stock height. The front has a slight drop, but not enough to someone not used to seeing it. I also noticed today that for some reason, even though I matched the height before install, that the right is higher than the left. So I have to recheck the shock tower mounting positions. Adjusting the coils to height will unload the springs at different rates. I don't want this and will avoid as much as possible.

    As for ride, it's stiff that's for sure. Bumps hit harder and you feel more road imperfections. As for ramps and highway... dear god it's so damn sweet! Drove home this morning after work and it will be a whole new learning curve to find the edge again. It's crazy! I'm going to let everything settle for a little bit before I make anymore changes. I don't want to set it and have to do it again. I didn't install the adjustable lower control arms as I ran out of time and not worried about frying my tires. I have one more season after this so I have some time to dial it in properly. Also, once I unload the springs a bit and get the height down, I'm sure the ride will let up a bit. But as of right now, the rear is way too stiff. Also, the rear sway bar is so stiff that when all the wheels are on the ground and I jack up the front right or left side of the car, the other side will eventually come up... who needs body roll anyways? LOL

    So here are some pictures

    Rear Sway Bars

    Front Sway Bars

    You can see where the first bend is too early...



    This clip is not on the coil overs for the ABS sensor... I can live with how it ended up...

    Will have to figure out how to move this over...

    Yah it's rusty... I live in Canada lol

    Just a bit tight....

    I will get a before and after shot once I get the height set up... Right now it just doesn't look right lol I found some shots when I first got the car compared to now so it will be neat to see

    Hope this was helpful and any questions feel free to ask

    All photos taken with Google Nexus

    2002 LW200 5 speed

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    That's pretty awesome! Almost makes me want an L!
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      There is a god

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        Good info!


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          Oh man, so in for pics. Definitely want to see a properly slammed L-wagon.

          I feel bad for you guys and all that rust, WOW!
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            Oh dang you have been busy. You still need to drive with amrs... looks like we can have a little fun now on the escarpment
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              FK highsports are a great coilover too. I know many people that run the different levels of FKs and everyone is happy with them.

              Good shit.
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                Originally posted by PlastikAvenger View Post
                FK highsports are a great coilover too. I know many people that run the different levels of FKs and everyone is happy with them.

                Good shit.
                This makes me feel even better now.

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                2012 Chevy Cruze LT/RS


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                    Originally posted by slipstreamconversion View Post
                    Do it.
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                      Originally posted by dynonacht View Post
                      Do it.

                      2002 LOL200 113HP/122TQ
                      2012 Chevy Cruze LT/RS


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                        LOL I knew this board would appreciate this type of work/retard the most lol

                        Steve, you know you need to do this, we talked a long time ago trying to figure this out

                        Andrew, I still want to take that car for a rip. These coil overs are nice, however, they are no where near close to AMR's. I wish the FK's had separate spring rate and height level control. Never mind the dampening adjustment. Although, there are higher versions of these coil overs that do have this. I was taking a gamble ordering these despite the research that was done to see if it was even possible.

                        To the other L owners, I'm sorry that I may have ruined your pocket books in the future, but this needed to be done


                        Things are still rough, I won't be making a height adjustment until next week. The rear end links that I made with spherical uniball bearings sound like they are already done... So I took off the old ones and going to have the sleeves that came with the stock bars and have them pressed in and use stock end links. I don't want to ruin the new ones I bought until I make sure 100% that they are the ones making the popping noise I hear and feel.


                        They were slightly "clinky" when I put them in, so with how tight that bar is, I'm not surprised they are done... I just didn't think they would die this quickly. That or stupid put the bar in upside down... I have done dumber things LOL

                        Other than that, for the boys looking for coil overs, the site I posted did well for me. I have seen some ebay sites include the bearing already so if so that's a bonus, but you still need the black bushing cap. So order up the cheap kit's and not the "Super Kit" Fucking things are really expensive...

                        Thanks for the feed back guys! Has been a long hall to get some $$$ together after a long hard personal battle with a friend and money...

                        However, lets get low! And anyone else that gets going on this, please post pictures of what you used and how it all went. I never have wrote a build page or "How to" and it was fun even doing the write up. And like with all things, you pay for what you get... stay away from "Race Land" coil overs, I know they are cheap, but you'll be disappointed. I also tried looking at standard "drop springs" and haven't come up with anything conclusive... if anyone wants to dabble into that, I'm all ears on that too as there is only, to my knowledge, only one company around now that has L-series drop springs and they are for the V6 IIRC.
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                        2002 LW200 5 speed


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                          I had/have progress springs (which were rare as shit) but there wasnt much of a drop haha, so I wouldnt even bother, they are probably impossible to find anyway.

                          2002 LOL200 113HP/122TQ
                          2012 Chevy Cruze LT/RS


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                            Always awesome to see a breakthrough anywhere in the Saturn community. Props to the helm to sort out a solution for the L-Series guys!
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                              I will definitely look into this in the winter. Right now just focusing on getting the L running then will look into this and rims for it! Definitely gonna check out those links lol
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