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L-300 3.0 in limp mode

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  • L-300 3.0 in limp mode

    Hello guys im new to this forum, and I'm looking to get some help on my 04 L-300 3.0. Its current in limp mode and I cant norrow it down to what might be causing the issue. As far as I know its throttle related. I've bought a new throttle body didnt fix it. I bought a new ecm and had it programmed to the car. That didnt fix it. I bought a new pigtail wiring for the throttle body that seemed help a little bit. I was able to get it out of limp mode by doing the process of 2 seconds with key on and 10 seconds with key off about 4 or 5 times. But when it was taken for a drive it was in and out of limp mode eventually went back into limp mode. Ive heard from some that the tps might need to be replaced or possibly even the mass airflow sensor. Or possibly a vaccum leak somewhere. What are peoples thoughts on what I should look into next? Any and all help is very appreciated thank you!

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    Is that the electronic throttle body?

    if so, you may need to replace your gas pedal because the sensor on it can go bad too.
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