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ION led swap slash door chime and blinker noise removal

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  • ION led swap slash door chime and blinker noise removal

    Submited by AC66Bronco

    scroll down to B8.3D select color you only need 4 bulbs

    HTML Code:
    First begin by making sure you have all the necessary tools needed...<br>
    7mm socket and ratchet or socket driver<br>
    small flathead screwdriver<br>
    small needlenose pliers<br><p>
    1. Begin by removing the radio trim. This can be in many ways. Some prefer to hold onto the trim where it meets and bottom of the radio and pull. Others prefer to slide a small flathead screwdriver into the edge of the trim and pry it off. It's held in by small metal clips and removes quite easily, so remove it however you feel most confortable.<br><p>
    2. You will notice the wiring harness for the hazard switch is attached to the back of the trim. You can un-clip it by using the small flathead screwdriver to lightly lift up the plastic tab and un-hooking the clip. Be sure not to pry too hard, it may break! Unhooking this is optional. If you dont want to mess with the hazard switch wiring, you can let the radio trim hang but it may get in your way.<br>
    <img src=""><br><p>
    3. The next step is to remove to cowel above the gauges. To do this, look just above the radio and under the gauges and you will see a 7mm bolt holding the cowel down. Remove this bolt using 7mm socket. Be sure not to drop it. Place the bolt in your cupholder.<br>
    <img src=""><br>
    Just like the radio trim, you will have to pull up on the gauge cowel to release the metal clips. Grab the upper edge and lift up, it should not be too snug.<br>
    Now you should see something like this:<br>
    <img src="">
    <img src=""><br><p>
    4. The gauge cluster is held in by 3 7mm bolts. One to the left, one center underneath and one to the right of the gauges. Remove these and place them where you placed the other. Now pull the gauges towards you and flip the whole unit over. You will see a clip holding the harness onto the back of the gauge cluster.<br>
    <img src=""><br>
    This clip does not have to be removed, but it makes it alot easier to replace the LED's.<br>
    It can be replaced by pushing on the small tab on the black part, and pushing the grey plastic piece to the side like a lever. Doing so will release the harness and you can then pull it away from the gauges.<br>
    <img src=""><br><p>
    5. You can see 6 small beige circular things on the back of the gauges. These are the bases of the original bulbs. We are only removing 4 of these. The upper 2 are the lights for the turn signal indicators and shouldnt be bothered with. Begin by removing the 4 lower bulb bases by either using a small screw driver and turning them out, or by using needle nose pliers and turning them using those.<br>
    <img src=""><br>
    Once these are removed, you can install the new replacement LED's. Simply turn them in just like the original bulbs were removed. You will have to use needle nose pliers as the replacements do not have a notch for a screwdriver. Sometimes they can be turned in by hand also. You have to make sure the contacts on the new LED's sit correctly. There are 2 metal tabs on each side that must pinch the circuit board or a contact will not be made.<br>
    THESE CONTACTS ARE POLARIZED. If some of the bulbs do not initially work, remove them and turn them around. It does make a difference.<br>
    <img src=""><br><p>
    6. You can hook the wiring harness back up and flip on the headlights to make sure everything is working correctly. Again, if some of them do not light up, remove the bulb that isnt lit and turn it around.<br><p>
    7. Re-installation is the exact reverse. There are plastic lining tabs on the gauges to help you line up the bolts when re-installing. To install the radio trim and gauge cowel make sure they line up and lightly push to engage the metal clips. Be sure to reconnect the wiring harness on the gauge cluster and on the hazard switch. When everything is together it should look something like this:<br>
    <img src=""><br><p>
    8. Enjoy!<br>
    to intensify the led out put cover the base of the bulb in 3m aluminum foil tape should be at the depot

    now while you have the dash appart if you would like to get rid of your dor chime do this???

    see the black speaker looking thing???? gently break it of and its gone.

    no more door chime or turn signal click.



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