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Wanted: Saturn 1.9 Engine Rebuilding Video

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  • Wanted: Saturn 1.9 Engine Rebuilding Video

    I love learning from videos and "actually seeing things done" that books just can't describe.
    So what I really would like is a video of a Dohc being built from the ground up with all the steps, torque settings, proper tools used, etc...etc..
    They have some good ones (and bad) for Honda's, SBF, SBC, VW, etc all over Ebay. They actually sell a shitload of these all day long for just the cost of a dvd-r being burned over and over.
    Richpin videos are handy but a full length Saturn engine rebuilding video would be awesome. Anybody have the skills and time? Maybe make some bank too.

    Quick question, does GM/Saturn cover aspects of engine rebuilding in their factory dealer service manuals?

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    Yes everything is covered in the FSM. Assembly steps, torque specs, part rebuild specs. I thought I found a rebuild video one time on youtube.
    I got nothing for that


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      Its not a rebuild vid, but its probably the one you are thinking of.
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