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    The rods are as thin as the S-Series and the pistons are complete crap. The ring lands are small as hell too.

    I don't believe the 280hp gm rated it at. After seeing the internals.

    I'll post pics once I get some pics lol.

    But yea if you're going to boost it, i'd suggest only going up to 200-215whp.


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    They might be as thin, but they're factory forged. There are a bunch of 2.2 ecotecs running ~250whp on stock internals, but that's about as far as I'd risk it.

    Was I wrong in assuming the GM 280hp rating was crank? If it is crank, it makes sense, because that would bring it to about ~230-240whp or so.
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      there have been many in the 280-300whp ballpark on stock rods/pistons, but they're all with decent tuning and on forced induction so it would be a bit smoother than the nitrous pumped through the engine in the build book.

      stock is that powder forged fracture bullshit that the s-series got in the later years.

      I've had a set of stock rods & pistons sitting in the closet for a while now, they look pretty similar to the LL0 stock, maybe slightly larger. aside from the ringland being so thin up top I don't see a big deal. for low boost it would be fine.


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        yea they really arent that girthy. I think they might be a little stronger than the LL0 though.

        There have been a few documented cases of ecotec rods snapping on regular daily driving, old lady style. We had one come in, the rod snapped, for no apparent reason. The car was still running(we actually drove it into the shop), and the nub of the rod had sawed through the entire block. There was a 2" section at the bottom of the oil pan and the head was the only thing holding, you could see straight through the block. Supposedly that was the 4th one Saturn had heard of at that point. Twas a couple years ago now though.


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          yeah I have heard people mention that as an anomily but never seen it in person. I blame that on the powder garbage rods.

          yeah, I"m not a fan of those lol

          all the other ones like that were hydrolocked and they had the skirt pierce the cylinder at the the least


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            Originally posted by d3ad1ysp0rk
            They might be as thin, but they're factory forged.
            So are S series.
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              most connecting rods are


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                chevy 350's use the same thing and they can handle over 200 shot of nitrous for long periods of time. I dont think its the material but just the design and lack of being "girthy" that makes them just as weak.
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                  350's can handle that much because the have over twice the displacement and the ability to distribute that force over a larger area, not just 4 puny pistons.
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                    Yeah, the same thing happened to my buddies Chevy truck while we trying to pick up my car. It actually just broke a rod 60 miles into the trip. Couldn't figure out what happened, it had a dead cylinder. Changed distributor, plugs and wires in the parking lot of a service station with no luck. We even drove it home and it's got a knock but ran and the rod ended being broken and was just about the punch through the cylinder wall.


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                      No bawls threw the rod?
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