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  • oil line treads

    OK my oil line fitting that threads into thew turbo seeps..Is there something like neopreame tape that will work, and handle the heat?

    Its a brass 1/8 tapered fitting.
    90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.

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    Originally posted by ECOtec Gods
    Consider this: 800 hp is a lot on a 2.0L motor. With 750hp, three-quarters of a thousand you're basically dealing with 6.14 hp per cubic inch. Pressures and stresses of all kinds thermal and mechanical loading across the board escalate to extreme levels. A Chevrolet 5.7-liter LS1 V8 with this much specific power (horsepower per cubic inch) would be making 2,137 hp


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      maybe some Loctite blue if you dont trust teflon tape, I bet if you are really careful with the tape you could use that.


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        teflon tape or teflon paste.

        the block is straight thread, iirc. Get a new fitting, or teflon tape will work great.
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          just tighten is an NPT fitting it should seal itself....if by some chance it is still leaking use teflon tape so you don't get tape in the center cartridge.
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            Do not use tape it can get into the turbo and cause problems.


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              Originally posted by chrispel
              Do not use tape it can get into the turbo and cause problems.
              yes dont use take use high temp thread lock but first tighten it more, i bet u didnt tighten it enough
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                use tape, just be careful putting it on. all you need is one layer of tape.

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                  I always found the tape leaked after a bit anyway, figured it melted...

                  But I just read that brass isnt good for a turbo oil inlet adapter, cause it dosent expand like the cast of the turbo under heat and will almost always leak.?

                  I got some loctite blue from work and some orange stuff they use on the high temp glue guns. And I found a steel fitting adapter. So I should be good.
                  90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.


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                    ok, the steel fitting works fine, but its a 5/16 tube fitting. I jimmied up a oil line adapter from my existing 1/4 tube to 5/16 and she works.

                    Question tho, can I get away with 5/16 tube alltheway from the oil gally? or is that going to be too much oil on the turbo?
                    90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.


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                      I use those locktite sticks, no probs.


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