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  • pulley tensioner

    alright, i got my new pulley/hub in the mail today, and started looking over the instructions. (got the zzp puller tool as well). everything seems ok, and makes sense, but i'm having some problems with releasing the tensioner. where am i looking, and how do i loosen the belt? sorry if i'm being retarded!
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    have you looked at the diagram on the radiator support? Pretty sure it points out which pulley is the tensioner, and which way it moves. It's hard to get at from above, and seems like it required one of those thin tensioner pulley bars. I've heard it's easier from the side if you take the wheel & wheelwell liner out, and expect that is true. Owner
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      The easiest way I have foud to loosen a belt at work is to simple cut it.
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        yeah, i'll do that, and just use the spare belt i keep in the trunk...
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          Sounds like a good idea but if you can't find the tensioner how are gonna get the belt back on?


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            put a long wrench on it ...if it turns then springs back ...thats the one of the smaller pulleys
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