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  • A thought about PS

    OK, the power steering pressure switch closes when you crank the steering wheel, and retards the engine timing , so the extra load dosent stall the engine when idleing right?

    So if and since some of us have no power steering anyway, ..

    What if we just pluged that switch into our intake mani's and under boost the engine will retard itself to fight knok?

    This would give us the ability to advance the timing before boost.

    Kinda like free timing controll.

    Just a thought.
    90' Talon AWD,TSI, Holset HY-35.

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    Interesting but, IDK.
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      retarding timing makes it idle lower...I think what happens is the IAC opens a lil to when you turn on the A/C...BUT Idk. When the rpms start to drop(stall), the PCM opens the IAC ans retards timing form what it is at at idle ro else it would ping, detonoate, what ever else is simialr to "tryingto turn the crank the other way". the timein number may beat 18-20 BTDC at 800-100rpm at high vacuum, but around 500rpm (stall range), it should be around 2-4ATDC...retarded from what it was, but is it retarded from what it should be?
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