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  • Cheap build help

    How can i turbo my 93 sc2 cheaply?

  • #2 ... enameZWDVW

    But in all seriousness, you're going to need to read.. a lot.

    Eventually, you'll understand what things you can get cheap, what things you should get new, and where to get it all.
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      Hopefully you understand he was sarcastic with the electric one... they dont work.. And When messing with this like F/I I wouldnt suggest trying to go cheap. going cheap is how you break stuff..
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        hahah cheap.....what do you mean by cheap?? i t all depends on your build really you can get a turbo kit from alpha tuning for $4500, i have no idea on the quality, but if you want more power and reliability go forged, but that cost considerably more
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          mikes kit would be very good.

          cheap isnt the way to go. to make it "decent" you could get a junkyard turbo, NO EBAY BRAND NEW $150 ONE! those are like knock offs, of knock offs, of knock offs, of knock off piles-o-shit! then there is turbo manifold (not cheap, unless you know someone who can build one), setting up the exhaust, wideband, fuel managment, intercooler, the pipes, blow off valve......

          you can get stuff at a lower price, but wont be a cheap thing to do. cheaping out will cause many more issues. save the money and do it right. its going to be like $2500 for good stuff without messing with the engine. you could buy one thing at a time and build up a kit.
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            you could just be happy with your current setup and buy the turbo piece by piece like I am doing. My wife allows me an allowance with each paycheck and that is paying for my future turbo(since she banned me from my bottle)


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              lol cheap... right. reliably $10,000 with a 400whp+ and a max of 29psi potential assuming you make all of the manifolds and custom work yourself.

              Now if you want to cheap out and just have a saturn that has a deep exhaust and whistles at you when you take your foot off of the gas, $2000 give or take and that is again assuming you do a lot of the work yourself and use a shit turbo.

              If you are serious about boosting, send me a pm or email me at [email protected]


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                Cheap? LOL. If you have to ask that question in the fdirst place, I can already tell you that its gonna cost you.
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                  Yeah, he's not lying. Turbo Saturn = Opposite of cheap. It's just reality.



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                        You should understand that you should not build your car in the eyes of being cheap but finding quality parts for cheap.

                        Before you buy anything, fully understand how your turbo system works.

                        Also think, is your saturn (or any car in fact) worth you spending that amount of money into? Can you afford to dish out thousands of dollars and handle yourself financially with your other responsibilities? I just want you to understand that there are more important things in life than a car and if you can't handle them, there is no point in dumping money into a car, especially a car thats over 10 years old.

                        Just use your head and don't buy parts without knowing you need them and how they work.

                        If you have anymore questions, just ask.


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                          buy a daily driver first.
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                            Cheap, fast or reliable.

                            Pick 2.
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                              Depends on what your idea of cheap is and like NJHK said use the frame of mind of getting the right, quality parts for cheap.

                              I can tell you right now... no matter what you spend be sure to have a back up plan. By back up plan I mean having at the minimum enough parts in stock to build a back-up motor. i'm assuming this is your daily driver and most people will tell you to buy another car for that. i'm telling you at least have shit for a back up motor.

                              once you have that in place...

                              Personally my build is about as cheap as you can get while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

                              First thing that should be on you list is how you're going to deliver fuel and tuning.

                              I have 34lbs injectors from a Saab that will be good enough for now to support 200hp @ 80% duty cycle (my goal). I got these chumpies off of ebay for 17 shipped (ebay is your friend)

                              For the money MS v 3.0 is probably your best option for control on a budget which was like 250 (I have seen SDS eic go for 100 bucks tho which has been used on 300hp applications again keep your eye out and know what to look for)

                              I got a great deal on a small rebuilt t3 .42/48 and AEM wbo2 which was 300 shipped for BOTH (that was just luck... right place right time)

                              I still need what I'm estimating at about 500-600 dollars worth of stuff from I/C piping, manifold (maybe I can talk Sam into coming outta retirement as a favor [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif[/img]) if not I'll make a log... then I need the oil lines and fittings.

                              so all in all I'll have about 1200-1300 on peicing the kit together.

                              But there's so much more money that I have put into the car and still need to put into the car to get it there.

                              Be patient... keep an eye out for deals... and keep studying. No matter which way you look at it... turbo charging an N/A car is an expense weather its done all at once or spread out.
                              I paid Nefarious $700 for a turbo setup and all I got was this lousy headache.


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