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    how much boost have people sucessfully run with one of these??
    [color=red]-Tyler[/color]<br /><br />2005 Chevy Trailblazer<br />1999 Saturn SL2<br />2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200

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    18 psi....... 25 for a min on accident. but 18 psi reliably


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      i assume taht youve had experience? what other tuning equip did you use? size injectors? on the eic and in the place of the stockers
      [color=red]-Tyler[/color]<br /><br />2005 Chevy Trailblazer<br />1999 Saturn SL2<br />2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200


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        oh gawd, its been a while. it was something like 250cc in the manifold and 520cc from the eic. so a total of 770 per cylinder at max pulse which it never did reach.
        yeah, lots of experience. more on the tech side little less tunning.
        but we did street tunning with an egt and then finally got it to the dyno and did a semi-decent tune on the rollers.


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          O would stay away unless you use one with an extra injector in each runner. Joe popped 2 pistons on what looked like a rich pull at only 8 psi. some-bitch was pullling strong until it popped though.

          BTW, Joe has the 2 injector system.
          -6S Resident Mechanical Forensics member #001.
          1995 SC2 Turbo 3.6L DOHC, 6sp manual, Ford 8.8 rearend running on MS3x.
          1998 F-250 5.4L triton...stock.


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            yeah i was thinking get a spare manifold and get teh 4 injector jobbie and weld in the bosses (well have someone weld em in)

            so in this instant would it be better to tune with and egt or wbo2 or both?
            [color=red]-Tyler[/color]<br /><br />2005 Chevy Trailblazer<br />1999 Saturn SL2<br />2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200


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              Yeah. +1 on what Sam said. Ian made it to ~300whp on a sds eic, but I wouldn't recomend it with the MS option out there. Save yourself the trouble and just go with that. I'm looking to switch to an MS2 now. Just less hassle in the future in you want to run more than low boost. For low boost it is ok though. If you want to go this route, let me know. I'll probably have a 2 injector setup for sale. And yeah, she was pulling when she popped (we think it was really due to a kink in the fuel line to the extra injectors)! That tow truck driver was nuts that day! [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img] I would tune with both... I only have a wbo2 at this point though.
              1993 VR R1- 405 whp/330 ft/lbs tq (my toy)<br />1993 Saturn SLx turbo (my other toy)<br />2008 PPW 350z with an Amuse kit and a lot of other stuff (my 3rd toy)<br />2006 Evo IX MR SE intake, exhaust... (my DD)


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                im going the MS route too. but yes, the four injector setup is the way to go. it will insure equal distribution of all that extra fuel across the cylinders


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