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***UPDATED***Ecotec 2.2L CFM flow at 85%, 90% and 95% VE

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  • ***UPDATED***Ecotec 2.2L CFM flow at 85%, 90% and 95% VE

    Just for those that are looking to turbo their ECOTEC motors. I took some initiative and did the calcs for VE of our motors between 2k and 7k (since even numbers were easier) taking into account:

    Stock Head(85%) VE
    MODDED Head(90%) VE
    HIGHLY MODDED Head(95%) VE

    And also the corrected VE with a turbo producing 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 18, and 20 PSI (How much air you should be flowing at that PSI of boost and that Heads VE)

    A few Acronyms:
    CID - Cubic Inch Displacement
    RPM - Revolutions / Minute
    VE - Volumetric Efficiency
    ATM - Atmosphere
    PSI - Pounds / SQ. IN.

    The Formulae:
    RAW ENGINE CFM = (CID x RPM)/3456

    CORRECTED FOR HEAD FLOW(ch) chCFM = CFM x (.85, .90, .95)

    LBS/MIN. CONVERSION = chCFM x .069

    Pressure Ratio(PR) = (P1+P2)/P2
    - where P1 = Desired Boost
    - where P2 = 14.7 psi

    Naturally Aspirated VE x Insert PR here=Corrected Airflow of [email protected]

    This is all just so that you understand where I am pulling this from and not just from my fuggin ass. And now for the GOOD shit.

    Pressure Ratio #'s
    _5 psi = 1.34
    _7 psi = 1.48
    10 psi = 1.68
    12 psi = 1.82
    15 psi = 2.02
    18 psi = 2.22
    20 psi = 2.36

    At 85% VE: ... tec_ve.rtf

    At 90% VE: ... tec_ve.rtf

    At 95% VE: ... tec_ve.rtf

    I just realized I can't post up fucking PICS...VIN GIMME SOME PIC ACCESS SO YOU FACKERS CAN SEE THE CHARTS I MADE. Will post up the tables when I get some access.

    ALSO would like to Drop a thanks to TITAN of for having all the equations for this in the Articles...gotta pay credit where credit is due.

    I hope this is understood, I'll drop the damn charts in as soon as I get my picture access. Those will help you all immensely when you can see what I'm talking about.


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    LOL sorry Tim, if you can email them to me and I'll host them for you, send them to my yahoo address

    Guys, I've been talking with Tim a lot lately, I forsee him to be a huge asset to the Ion community in the near future.


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      thank god some one did the calculations for me. tim your my new best friend
      Originally posted by ECOtec Gods
      Consider this: 800 hp is a lot on a 2.0L motor. With 750hp, three-quarters of a thousand you're basically dealing with 6.14 hp per cubic inch. Pressures and stresses of all kinds thermal and mechanical loading across the board escalate to extreme levels. A Chevrolet 5.7-liter LS1 V8 with this much specific power (horsepower per cubic inch) would be making 2,137 hp


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        I know a little HTML and I can probably make an HTML graph in one of the replies if I were only a Level 1 member.


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          Everyone who has an account here has 20MBs of file storage... (why do I hafta keep saying this?)

          go here:

          enter your username and password from the board and upload whatever ya want...
          [img width=600 height=150][/img]<br />99SL2 w/97SC2M Engine/Trans Swap, CAI, 2.25 Custom Exhaust


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            Well it kept denying me over and over. Says I wasn't a Level 1 Member


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              yeah Brian, I think it's for level 1 at least, 25 posts or something? I forget at the moment.


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                for the photo gallery, yes...

                but not the storage script... it allows uploads as long as you have an account, regardless of post count and the file is under 6MB

                try the link:
                [img width=600 height=150][/img]<br />99SL2 w/97SC2M Engine/Trans Swap, CAI, 2.25 Custom Exhaust


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                  I'm on a Gov't Computer right now and my files aren't with me. However when I get home all you slacka's can see the glory that are my numbers. Then after I've done the hard shit, you can do the easy thing and spend all that muny thats burning a hole in your pockets, buy the turbos that you all want.

                  J/k. Much Love brah!

                  Thanks for the info.



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                    Originally posted by Schizzo97SC2

                    Guys, I've been talking with Tim a lot lately, I forsee him to be a huge ass to the Ion community in the near future.
                    Yep...good ol' Vin finds them all, doesn't he.

                    Welcome ya bastid. Let's see the VE of the Wecotec.

                    send pics/graphs to any Admin / Mod, and we'll post them up for you.
                    LSJ powered 1998 Chevy S-10 turbo
                    visit my Albums -


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                      Thanks for the warm welcome [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif[/img] Hah!


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                        Once I get home, which will be in about an hour or so. I'll get the schtuff emailed to Vin and we can delete these extraneous stuffs.


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                          OKAY ALL I have posted up the links so that you can see my attempts to make a graph. Anyone who is not familiar with the way these numbers are input into a compressor map I will elaborate.

                          Basically you pick your desired VE be it 85, 90, or 95. Open that file. Find what kind of boost you want to put out. Find the PSI -> ATM conversion number and input that on your map. Draw a line horizontally from the boost pressure.

                          Then take your flow numbers and draw a vertical line from the X axis up to the "boost line". You are looking to land 2 - 3 points within the "island" as it's called (where turbo efficiency is at it's greatest). If you have a couple of points to the left of the surge limit line it's generally okay as you are still building boost in the lower rpm's. If you have more than that, scrap the compressor map and find a bigger turbo.

                          Generally you can figure rough HP estimates by sliding the decimal point 1 (ONE) place to the right on the charts I have made. The same goes on the X axis of the Compressor map. If you look on the 85% VE, in the N/A #'s/Min column you'll see 13.68...slide that Decimal and you get 136.8...ALMOST OUR STOCK HP...AMAAAAAAAA....

                          My Ecotec is flowing at 85% VE (since it's still stock, i can expect to have some rough flow). I want to hit 350hp @ 20psi. So i go to my 85% VE chart and find it. ahhh, here we are...on 20psi i can roughly make 323 hp around 6k RPM's. So I go to my compressor maps to find me a turbo that has a good efficiency in the ranges of 6 to 7k RPMs.

                          I usually go here.

                          OOOOH the T04E 60 Trim is a damn close match. There are probably better out there.

                          And so I present to you. ENJOY LADIES AND GENTS


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                            I fixed your links up there... you had to take the link from the page that shows after you upload your file to see the correct file path...


                            Thanks for the info'z
                            [img width=600 height=150][/img]<br />99SL2 w/97SC2M Engine/Trans Swap, CAI, 2.25 Custom Exhaust


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                              Np mang. Thanks for fixing the links. Can you delete the posts with insubstantial info in them?


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