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  • Turbo coating Question

    I had a few questions. Im rebuilding my T3 Turbo and I want to make it look a little better also. can I ceramic coat the housing? Just wondering. And where can I find new wheels and a shaft. The compressor wheel looks like it sucked in a rock and it chipped a fan. I have tride many websites and can't find where to get the fans and shafts at. it's a T3 with a .42 compresso and a .48 exhaust. Any help would be great
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    try ebay..,...
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      I did
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        type in " turbo rebuild" into a search engine.

        You can send the turbo in and they will give you an estimate of how much the rebair bill will be. Also, they can get rid of that tiny ass t3 compressor and hook you up with a to4b v1-v2 trim, or a to4e compressor.

        Ask around at some of the car meets to see about if they know any places in the area that do theraml/ceramic coating. Find out where ither place is at and see if they offer a 2000+ degree coating. Usaually you only have 3 colors on coatings that durable...whit, black, and charcol grey.
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          i got my compressor housing ceramin coated by fireball coatings in canada and it looks awsome but i would suggest gettin the compressor housing polished first if thats what u want done thats the only thing i regret not doin. i dont think u really need the 2000 degree coating on the compressor side but the exhaust side i would definately do that
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            I did what Sam suggested on my turbine side and it came out great... And it still looks great a year later.

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