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    Ok well me and my pondering mind were hangin out today and i was thinking about supercharging the SL. First thing, where can i get some info on superchargers like trims and what not cuz i dont know much about the nomenclature(sp?) of them. Also whats a good brand supercharger, vortech etc. there was one brand i heard wasnt any good above 6500 like it broke when it hit that point. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/confused.gif[/img] oh yeah centrifugal type

    Also for fuel, would larger fuel injectors and like an safc and wbo2, egt stuff, or would a EIC be the better choice or all of that stuff for a good tune.

    Of course i would do the forged thing inside but can i go with the stock 9.5:1 CR or should i go down. Im thinking of 15 psi or so give er take a few pounds.

    Theres alot of info out there for turbos and crap but i wanna start seeing and/or doing the supercharger thing

    thx guys for any help you can provide
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    Go to the book store and see what is available on super chargers.
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      I know you can find alot of what you're looking for in this thread:
      Jeff W.
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        yea go figure the search button [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/owned.gif[/img] you
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          another good post for S/C info:

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