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'99 SL2 PCM Swap/Megasquirt

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  • '99 SL2 PCM Swap/Megasquirt

    I just bought a '99 SL2 w/ standard trans. I went to the local car recycler today and picked up myself a PCM from a '99 SL2 AUTO because I heard that there are advantages to doing this. This weekend I plan on installing that PCM and making a homemade CAI.

    First off, will this "new" pcm I picked up work alright without throwing out random codes and putting it in limp mode? I've heard very mixed opinions. For the most part, I hear that it works great. One person said that it wouldn't work and would throw a bunch of codes at me. Also, saturn won't have to do anything to this PCM for me, will they? I should be able to hook it up and my car should start, right?

    Secondly, does anyone have some tips for installing a MSII kit in this model Saturn or a similar model?

    Sorry if all of this has been answered already, I've search several boards and googled it to try and do the research myself, but can't seem to find a whole lot of info on doing this stuff to the newer years.

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    it will throw transmission error codes, but it should still run the same
    as for the MS ive never done it, but it looks pretty easy


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      thanks for the info, i appreciate it much! can't wait to trick this thing out!


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