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  • Which PLX???

    OK I have been looking at getting a Wideband O2 sensor and was wondering which PLX device I should get. I already have an Air/fuel gauge, so would It be best to get the PLX-250 (one with out the display) or the PLX-300 (comes with a display but no gauge) ????

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    the plxs display is the gauge bud

    Just cuz its not a normal round style gauge doesnt mean it doesnt give you some kinda read out

    I have the plx m300, and it works fantastic. its a preheated sensor that you dont need to calibrate so its accurate as hell.

    the display shoots out bright red digital numbers that are easy to read, day or night

    i recommend it !!!!


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      do you have a gauge as well? or just the display?


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        you dont need a gauge

        the display IS the gauge bro, just not in standard gauge format...

        instead of an anolog meter or w/e you have a digital read out

        they do the same thing, just in different formats


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          yes I know that, but since I have a gauge I don't need the M-300

          I guess I was trying to ask if there was a difference between the 250 and the 300 other then on has the display and the other doesn't?

          If there isn't then I'll get the 250 and just hook it up to my gauge. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]


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            thats what I'd do if I didn't have the AEM UEGO


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              What about this one that i found on Ebay?

              NGK Powerdex AFX - Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Wideband o2


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