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    I completely understand if I get flamed/roasted for this question, but I really can't seem to find definitive answers...

    I am looking to run fuel only management on my 1995 Sl2. I currently have cams in it and would like to start tuning with that. I believe spark is going to be a little over my head. If I am wrong for assuming that, let me know.
    Anyway, I picked up a MS2 3.57 and a jperf VR conditioner (in the mail Atm). I would like to run a new harness for fuel control, but I am unsure of which sensors I need for MS and which sensors the stock PCM needs for controlling spark.
    I asume that I need to share the CPS (which I have the 3rd gen extension for), and TPS. My MS2 3.57 has a built in map sensor that I will use in place of the normal one, and I have an AEM X series wideband 02 gauge which I will use for the 02 signal for MS. I am going to tap another hole in the head for a ECTS and then another hole in my intake tube for an IAT sensor. My assumption could be wrong, that is why I am here to confirm.

    I have a whole harness for it and am ready to start wiring. I just need to get this figured out so I can plan accordingly.
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    I'm kind of in the same boat as you, but it seems like we are both on the same track. I've chosen to control spark though as I'll be turbocharging later on.

    The way I understand it, the ignition control module uses the crank position sensor for timing while running and a bypass circuit for cranking. It is a little bit over my head but I'm still trying to work it out so I don't blame you for not wanting to. Honestly, it's only an extra 5 wires.

    You seem to have the fuel side of things worked out, so just find good spots for your new sensors and start wiring it up. I don't know if you looked at the MS relay board, but it could be worth doing if the relay/fuse wiring stumps you at all.


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