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  • MS on N/A

    Just curious as to what kinda gains using MS on a 96 SL2 N/A would have controlling fuel and ignition timing. This will be for circle dirt racing purpose only so no plan to use any nitrous or turbo. Just trying to get opinions of others while trying to research options.

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    I reckon no one has an opinion as to whether there is anything to be gained controlling fuel and spark on a N/A stock SL2. OBDII with a gutted harness, light flywheel.


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      Trying to get information on this before I decide to pull the trigger on getting one if it's worth it to. Also, how does the engine handle the higher revs if the rev limiter is changed to accommodate running ~7200+ rpms in 2nd or 3rd gear?


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        I am sure there is power to be had on a naturally aspirated setup...its is just that I don't recall anyone posting numbers of a be a before/after.
        -6S Resident Mechanical Forensics member #001.
        1995 SC2 Turbo 3.6L DOHC, 6sp manual, Ford 8.8 rearend running on MS3x.
        1998 F-250 5.4L triton...stock.


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          Thanks. Been looking and looking to figure out what direction I want to go next during this off-season, but no real information out there.


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            Also, would I need one of those fancy trigger wheels?? Or would the stock components suffice? Still trying to figure out, too many conflicting ideas.


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              if there's gains with SAFC you can find gains with standalone. i just got my microsquirt setup running with a 36-1 trigger wheel mounted to the crankshaft pulley at the front and a hall effect sensor. it controls the fuel injectors with batch fire and the stock ICM and coils with logic level output.


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