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Possibly sync loss solutions with ms3x

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  • Naturally Aspirated Possibly sync loss solutions with ms3x

    Ok first time posting in this forum instead of creeping through it, but anyway. I installed my Mega squirt and got everything running and dialed in. it runs and drives fine, everything works pretty good. I keep getting sync loss issues higher in rpms, and its random in the range of 4500 to 6000. i cant really figure out where its coming from or whats causing it, but i know i need some help with thoughts on what i can do at this point. I have logs but i cant attach them till i make two posts.

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    need to know your ckp setup


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      Its the stock ckp, I've ordered a 36-1 toothed wheel and a hall sensor. as much as id love to know why the stock sensors work for some flawlessly and not for others, i don't want to be the guy to spend the time to find out. lol. I have put the saturn on the back burner for a while with some home garbage going on and covid crap now. but i recently got a bit of energy to get it back on the road so i ordered the wheel and sensor to hopefully do that.
      also i need to put tapatalk back on my phone so that i actually reply in a timely manner and not leave people hanging for a year.
      sorry about that 😂


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        SC2sick runs a VR conditioner for the stock CKP signal, that cleaned it up for him.


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          oh the vr conditioner cleared my signal up too, but it still wouldn't rev past 5k no matter what i tried. so im just going the toothed wheel route. the stuff should be in today so ill be able to mock it up tonight and machine what i need to Thursday probably.


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            on another note though, does the missing tooth line up center to TDC or does the next advanced tooth line up? Does it even matter as long as the sensor is 9 teeth away from the missing tooth? I've seen it done a few different ways on here, but i was going to put the missing tooth TDC and then the sensor 90 degrees basically.


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