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Nitrous on an ION

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  • Nitrous on an ION

    I have looked up and down this section a couple times to read up on nitrous. I am a complete newb on nitrous and am thinking about getting a 50 then 75 shot for my ion.

    What is the best kit i should use and what should i purchase with it? i know im getting a window switch and WOT switch but whats the best and most reliable things to use?

    also how is the instalation on a 2004 ION 2.2L?
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    * goes and calls vinny *

    oh and heres just a littl advice I would give.

    You could never really go with the BEST kit, but go with the most RELIABLE. Nitrous kits, like a wet fogger kit, work generally the same on all EFI engines, so you will be using similar equipment with any kit. Reliability of solenoids, electric componenters, bottle, and the like is what you want to look for. NOS, NX, ZEX, and Nitrex are a few companies that have very reliable kits, just to name a few.


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      I would research the Ny-Trex kit. Has one called the triple threat. Has the fuel, nitrous, and purge selenoids mounted on one block. I have the standard wet kit from them and this is the second car ive had it on. Never had a problem with it that wasnt my fault. The company is here in orlando so its easy for me to get questions answered and if i had problems, i was told they fix it right away. Look into them.

      As for installation, it will take about 5 hours. Pretty simple if you know how to do wiring. I dont and i still managed to get it right on this car. instruction are thorough so it will be a breeze of you can read.
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