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    Where do we tap in to get fuel for the nitrous?
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    below your throttle body is a test port off the fuel line, the one that attaches to the fuel rail. it looks similar to the one for a tire. you want to first relieve the pressure from the system, and then remove the schrader valve from the port.

    you can use the same tool that you would to remove a car or bike tire's schrader valve (I picked up a whole kit since I wanted tire patch ability too).

    then just thread the fitting on and snug it down. don't overdo it, not a fun time.


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      Damn it Vinny, I got up to get a beer amid typing and came back to this lol!!!!

      What he said ^^^^^
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        Thanks Vinny! I'll post if we need anything else. It's ashame it takes a big show like NOPI to really get the stuff done to my I would have loved it hooked up sooner.
        Former owner of the Turtle
        (Sold 2017)98 SC2
        98 Honda CR-V my dd


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          The port USUALLY has a cap on it but dont count on it. Very easy to spot.
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            i tapped the actual fuel line
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