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  • Hey Schizzo

    Just wondering how often you spray your ion? Is the clutch holdin up good?

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    when I can afford to, and there's enough room on the road

    clutch is holding great

    I know of a guy with a boosted cavi, same engine and tranny as us, same clutch. his clutch was holding 300 tq at the wheels fine with small signs of slippage on the disc from back to back runs on his slicks. this was on a bone stock engine too, till he cooked a piston or two.

    what shape is your clutch in now? does it slip at all? how is your pedaling?


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      My clutch never slips. What do you mean by peadleing???? I never really beat my car. Im trying to save it for the nitrous. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/evil.gif[/img] I was watching a show on the speed channel called Redline tv and they put a NX kit on a 2.2 cobalt. I think the used a 75 shot and they dynoed it and it hit 196 whp and 286wt. That torque number just made me think of asking this question. That seems crazy high.


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        286!? damn....


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          Yes 286 that wasnt a typo. Other mods was an intake and exhaust. Thats it.


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            that seems way abnormal, I would think they would hit around 230 lb-ft or so. I only estimate myself at mayve 230 anyway, could be higher though, which would make sense with all the damn wheelspin.

            pedaling as in do you find yourself riding the clutch much. your footwork is key to driving the car efficiently in a straight line and the turns, especially with how much torque you're going to be making.

            man, now I really want to dyno. now accepting donations lol


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              Yea i have been driving stick for 10 years now so I think Im efficent. If my clutch every goes oh well then I can get a better one. Ill donate a couple bucks for your dyno. Youve always been nice and helpful to me. If you guys get the speed channel check out redline tv its on tuesday nights. Its a good show.


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                ok vinny, go dyno it. now. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img]
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                  [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/hahaha.gif[/img] 20hp, 2 ft/lbs tq. j/k.


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