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So I found this new nozzle

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  • So I found this new nozzle

    In a book about Nitrous

    It's not the shark or jet or whatever all the other companies call it

    The classic Y looking thing

    okay so I found about this other one, looks funny, roundish?

    The thing is that instead of throwing the nitrous in this concetrated stream like the one that everyone uses it kinda sprays it out all wide almost in a 180* patter (but narrower like 140 actually)

    So it looks way more effective for the basic wet shot location.

    I mean it even stated that the one that everyone uses is way better in the direct port instalation, but that in the wet kit the other one is way better

    But I forgot the name of it and I don't have a pic either

    But does anyone else have one? It looks way better for the atominization (SP?) of the nitrous and oxygen and fuel

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