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  • ready to build... someday

    well, here's my current stash of parts. still need cams, hptuner, and a clutch, but those can wait til fall.

    throttle body, 60# injectors & harness, 2.7" pulley, header, springs, poly trans mounts, valve springs/seats/retainers, 4-pass intercooler endplate, flywheel, phantomgrip, steel brake lines
    ... i am a happy camper

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    -Kevin<br /><br />&quot;Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!&quot;<br /><br />

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      congrats, have half of the tough part out of the way, now you just need to make sure you still want to go this route or switch over to turbo (you're going to hate me for putting that in your head hahaha)

      all that on there with a tune should be quite fun, and mid 13's if you can drive it there.


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        Looks like somebodies gonna be having some fun when done [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]
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          I remember those "Got the parts, now need to get them on but they are sitting around for now" blues.
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            I know where your coming from... I've got an S-Series suspension all over my bedroom floor and coilovers that still haven't been put together yet!
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              what is this thing?

              [img width=600 height=150][/img]<br />99SL2 w/97SC2M Engine/Trans Swap, CAI, 2.25 Custom Exhaust


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                dual pass end plate for the aftercooler magillicutty


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