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  • Porting techniques

    Mostly for Jay, Sam, and whoever else does headwork;

    Where did you guys learn about what you should be doing to get the best performance out of a port job? I mean, you open up the ports a little and that's gotta be good, and I assume gasket matching would be a good idea too, but where exactly do you learn what exaclty causes what?

    Books? Honda-tech? (lol) Someone in real life that helped you?
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    Jay and Sam, STC's resident mad scientist.

    I have to imagine some of the learning came from trial and error.
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      I orgianlly learned from some one...then read up, study basic flow dynamics in physics, asked all my physics teachers about it...and testing.SOme of the stuff I learned first was thrown out with new when new material was learned...some new material didn't have any sounds prooff to support need to decide what to "keep" and what to "thorw out".

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        i read alot of stuff of the net for my porting project. I wouldn't be surprised if I killed some low end power with it, but my whole theory was cfm flow and not velocity. I just port matched the gaskets on both sides of the head, then faded in to the stock port size where it enters the combustion chamber. I still have to polish the exhaust ports and chambers.

        and i need a valve job.


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          I learned from someone, then read up on it a tad, cut a few heads, forgot about doing that for a while, then saw Sam's 4 banger head job (had only done one or two 4 cylinder heads at the time) , learned from there, read up on it some more, checked into Honda race heads, GM race heads, DSM race heads, saw countless CNC jobs, practiced a bunch, tested things with water, practiced more, still reading more stuff, still testing with water, still practicing.

          Like Sam said, you have to figure out what info to retain, and what to scrap. As far as port sizing, well that is going to depend on the setup of the car.
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