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What's the difference? (clutch gens)

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  • What's the difference? (clutch gens)

    Anyone know the difference between early clutches vs the 00-02 for the s-series? Would you be able to to put a 1st gen in a 3rd gen?
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    the hydro assembly is different. if you want to run a first/second gen style clutch, then you have to switch the third gen hydro assembly out for a first/second gen one
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      this has been gone over a couple times.

      The 2nd style clutch is self adjusting. Its retarded and its a pile of crap. Then tend to fail prematurely also.

      Yes the first style clutch can be substituted, you just need the first style slave cylinder to go along with it. If you don't have ABS, then its a direct swap. if you do, then you need to be a lil more creative.


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        what is the issue with ABS?


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          abs shit gets in the way of the old-style master cylinder.
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            some people get lucky and don't have to change anything. I asked this a whiles back, I am sure if you search Clutch Slave Cylendar(spelling > me) you'd find the answer.


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              i still disagree with that. The old slave cylinder has more throw, plain and simple. The old clutch requires more throw. You put an old style clutch on a new style slave, its never going to properly disengage. But whatever, feel free to try it if you want. And I say this from experience, my car had an old style clutch with a new style slave when I bought it. I had problems with it from day one, although it was drivable. Changed out the slave, no more problems.

              As far as the ABS, its not that bad, Just gotta bend the rear bracket from the "J" shape that its in to an "L" then add a large self tapping screw to the front. Took me like 10 minutes to come up with a plan to fix it and execute said plan. If you have ABS and need more details I'll try to elaborate on that.


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