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New exhaust again... need help.

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  • New exhaust again... need help.

    yea i know im about to be critized for this but im deciding between 2 mufflers. both are magnaflow.
    between the 14827 street and the 14828 race.
    heres where i need help.
    i know the street has the choke down peice to help control sound on the street but it goes down to like a 1 7/8 pipe!
    where as the race is full flow through.
    my problem is that what i mainly want is to get rid of the droning in my cabin.
    now i know the street will help with that.
    but i want the full flow from the race.
    ive checked and i found a 4" baffle to go into either of these mufflers.
    what im needing is experience from other people with thses style mufflers.
    now whats on my car as of now is as follows:
    OBX Header, No Cat, 24" glasspack, Tsudo muff, all in 2 1/4 inch pipe.
    other main reason for mangaflow is that my bumper is already cut for the muffler and the underside has been made to clear these mufflers and tuck em high.
    any help within the next couple of days would help since im geetin ready to order one of thses muffs from summit.
    thanks in advance.

    2011 Ford Flex Limited EcoBoost AWD
    TBM / ISM roof Loaded all options
    Roush : MeganRacing : Magnaflow : StainlessWorks : Powerstop : AJPTurbo Tuned : 475hp/540tq (Grocery Getter)
    1999 Saturn SC2 bright red SOLD
    2014 Ford F-150 Tremor TBM

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