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Still installing the pistons??

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  • Still installing the pistons??

    Well not actually. But I did get them into the block and I have the connecting rods and crankshaft all properly installed now.

    My question is - Is there any thing I need to do to the pistons?

    Basically all I did was hone the block, clean off the pistons, install the rings according to how the DIY tech article said and then droped the pistons into the block.

    Do I need to check the spacing on the rings at all? How do I do it if necessary?

    this is going to be my DD so it isn't going to be getting beat on too much.

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    if you've already installed the pistons, then its too late to check the ring gap. You'd have to pull it back out to do it. And if this is a stock build and you just went with oem replacement rings, I wouldn't even bother.


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      yah this is stock and i used Oem stuff. the only thing I am putting on her is an AEM warm air intake. and probably welding the diff since I have the engine out and can get to the trans easily.


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        Did you set the thrust bearing?---> Hit the crank both ways?
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        1998 F-250 5.4L triton...stock.


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          HMM not sure? how would I do this?

          I folowed the instructions in the DIY tech article not sure if it mentioned it in there.


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            you just tap the crank in one direction and then tap it back the other way to make sure the thrust bearing is seated properly


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              ok I will do that jsut to make sure.

              Thanks guys. I've never rebuild an engine before.


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