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    This may be a dumb question, but is there a good way to tell whether or not my car has a limited slip diff? I bought it used, and didn't think to ask. I've been thinking about getting one, but the price is holding back, until today i realized i didn't even know if i had one.
    I get crazy wheelspin if i try to push it through a turn (on the inside wheel), and if i launch hard, it's definitely a peg-leg start, so i'm under the impression that i do not have one. Can i tell without ripping anything apart?
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    If you a have an 04 RL. I will not no way, no how, have an LSD. Early 05 models did not have the LSD either. I'm pretty sure they introduced the LSD during the late 05/early 06... All of the 06's have LSD's. 07 I'm not sure.

    On the dealer sticker it's denoted as "Competition Package", if you still have it. Unless you have an 06 RL chances are you don't have the Comp Pack as it wasn't introduced until the 06 model year.

    I'm pretty sure about the info posted, someone correct me if I'm wrong.



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      ok thanks. i knew it came with the comp package, but didn't know if you could get it seperate.
      what about aftermarket though? any way i could figure it out for sure without going inside the transmission?
      -Kevin<br /><br />&quot;Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!&quot;<br /><br />


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        as far as stock, you can always be completely sure by calling the dealer with the VIN.

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          Jack the front of the car in the air.

          #### Leaving it in nuetral.
          Spin the tire. If both spin the same way, then its LSD, if one one spins it open diff.

          ###Leaving it in gear.
          If its hard to turn the wheel, then its an LSD. the wheels will spin opposite though. If its open diff, the wheels will spin opposite directions, but it will be pretty easy to turn them.
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            sounds like an open differential to me
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