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    im looking at getting an air intake for my 05 ion redline and i wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on which brand would be best to use. thanx.

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    the K&N unit is supposedly the best out there, however I know of a few people running the Weapon-R I believe and they have yet to give extened reviews on it.


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      Of course you should know that none of the CAI kits for the RL have been proven to give a great HP bump. Both K&N and Weapon R will claim that you see gains of up to like 12 hp (I think), but experience of most buyers shows that it's kinda hit and miss. Personally, I was only ever interested in the CAI for the increased S/C sound, and you can get that with just a better air-flowing filter and removing some of the stock piping. Only cost you $50 instead of $200, and still probably gets you at least a couple HP too.
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        the k&n twice on the local dyno has showed a drop in performance as well as excessive build up in the sc and intake from the oil... if you want sound and mild performance buy a spectre kit at autozone and DIY... its great... i currently am runnig the weapon-r and i can feel a difference in the higher rpms but it almost muffles the sc noise to non-existance... next time i'm at the dyno i'm gonna switch between the weapon-r and the spectre and if there is only a 1-2 difference i'm leaving the spectre on for the sound.


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