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91 SL2 A/C removal

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  • 91 SL2 A/C removal

    I just aquired a 91 SL2 and I am begining to build it into a rallyc ar, Im more of a Nissan geek than saturn, but I know this can be a good rally platform. Im just wondering how I remove the AC compresor, like what belt will I need to get, and are there any other mods that need to be done to the serp system to remove the compresor.
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    The only thing you have to get is the belt for a twincam without AC. The rest of it is just taking the stuff out. It's pretty self-explanatory: Remove the compressor, unbolt the lines from the firewall and from the condenser, remove the condenser from in front of the radiator (two bolts and then it drops right out) and if you're really anal you can take off the front left fender and take out the canister.
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