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  • ok...problem

    got about half of my turbo kit tracked down and bought....but i have a problem to take care of b4 i start engine light is on ...and my idle is hovering around 2k...if i shut the car off and re-start it it goes down to 1k until i drive a couple miles....then it starts to idle high again...i was buddy said it could be the TPS...or the map sensor....or could it be a bad charging system?...i know saturns are a bit quirky just wondered if anyone has had a similar problem b4 i end up changing half the car to figure this out....btw... i have a 98 SL2.

    thanks alot
    [quote author="Saturndriver"] Imma have my car runnin like ''damn'' lol.[/quote]

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    It could be a nipple.... ask Vinny, he knows which nipple! (see Vinny, Im helping!)
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      check the gasket for the throttle body, all vaccuum lines coming off the intake manifold, the map, tps, and iac.

      it's gotta be one of them.


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        use some carb cleaner first. i bet you have a bounch of crap in your throttle body. then check to make sure you don't have a stuck pcv valve and no cracks in that hose. next check to make sure your vacum gimmick that is on top of your throttle body is plugged in right. might want to take it off and spray some parts cleaner shit in those holes too.
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          thanks gonna pull the tb off tomorrow anyway, my cousin is a machinist and is gonna bore it for me....not to mention cousin owns a saturn bone yard...which is how i got into the wonderful world of plastic
          [quote author="Saturndriver"] Imma have my car runnin like ''damn'' lol.[/quote]


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            yea mine used to do that. A friend's did it too, turned out to be the TPS me thinks.


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              Pull the codes eh? No more shens with this or that.....
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                I request codes before leaving and commentary.
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                  it was the TPS...son of a bish...thanks guys....but at least it is all clean and shiney now...(i cleaned the hell outta it)
                  [quote author="Saturndriver"] Imma have my car runnin like ''damn'' lol.[/quote]


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                    Cool, I'm gonna look at mine. My SL1 has been doing this and this idle actually climbs to about 3500-4000 and then falls slowly if I push the clutch in while driving. I just stopped driving it as I don't have the time to look at it and I don't really care right now.


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