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    Wells I done and went and didit.

    I am installing my PG empowered differential. I currently have the trans out of the car and sitting on the table infront of me. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img] yay 10 pts for me. But I need to know if I have to dissasemble the whole trans to replace the diff? can I just take off the bell housing to access the diff and replace it?

    Normaly I don't ask for this but if someone who has done this before would be willing to talk me through this pm me and I will get you my number.

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    I read somewhere before that you need to pull the whole thing apart, but thats just a guess. Hey Helix did you just drive by my house a half hour ago? I seen a homecoming edition with aluminum looking wheels and the california expressions spoiler speed by me as I was driving my wifes grand prix in front of the nieborhood.


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      you have to take the whole trans apart to get the differential out.
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        darn that sucks. oh well time to get dirty.


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          Oh than there is another car like urs nearby in KY/TN looked good too, I do recall seing no tag on the back so maybe I have a recruit, lol.


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            i watched teh monster disassemble the trans place in the diff and reassemble inlike 40 minutes flat... that included welding and shaping too


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     has a write up on it.
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                i just took it to my local performance shop. they have worked on my car several times and I trust them. They said that they could do it for under $200 and I know it will work when they get finished. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img] But thanks for all the feed back.


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