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Welzzz got tired of hte Exahust

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  • Welzzz got tired of hte Exahust

    Well I decided not to sell the car. :twisted:.

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    put bracing on the muffler or it will crack the header somewhere on the downpipe

    glad to hear you kept her though, traitor!


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      dunno if it will get hot enough, but will the heat from the exhaust affect the plasic panels? i remeber a thread w hile ago where someone photochopped an exhaust coming out thr a side panel, and people were wondering about melting/warping the panel
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        The kind of muffler that I am using is really free flowing so it shouldn't build up any heat. but that is one thing that I have been thinking about. I guess Time will tell [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/confused.gif[/img] .

        At the moment I don't have my lip kit installed but eventualy when I get it installed I may have to find a way to over come that problem. But for now if it is low enough I should not have any problems.


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          I'm glad your keeping her! I agree it qwill look sharp with a body kit craddling it!


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            good looking car... i'd keep it... and its yellow +1 for me... definately want to see that exhaust setup too


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              I have no problems with the heat from the exhaust melting the panels. The setup on my 97 exits ahead of the passenger rear wheel,and yei it is rather loud.
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                Cutout FTW... right Vin? [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif[/img]
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