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Will this flange work??

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  • Will this flange work??

    I was planning on fabbing up a turbo manifold so I created a vector(line drawing) for an exhaust flange, and gave it to a buddy to cut it for me. It is not exact, you can see the lines that did not match up. It 3/8 thick, do you guys think it to thin on two the top edges, and the bottom holes didn't line up either. The bottom holes, he said he could shave off some more, but then it would be a longer hole. Or should i have hime cut them over and cut it with more metal around the top corners and lower the holes. Let me know. click the link to see what i'm taking about... ... pic_id=871

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    it might work but if it was me id rather have everyting perfect than trying to cut corners, its just gonna bite ya in the ass
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      I agree

      not a shot at you Loco, but come on man, do it right. I personally wouldn't feel right about putting that on my engine.


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