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    wat about he exhaust from ebay ... dZViewItem

    is this any gud or wat. any1 have 1
    wats bad about them help please

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    check back in past threads. they will give you alot of info on what different styles of mufflers do and sound like. especially with drone being emmitted.

    here a link to one of the old threads see if it helps. ... light=fart


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      that one's not bad, sound's pretty good for that style muffler too, but for mandrel bent stainless it's worth it for that alone.


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        tell you what, i think the gasket looks cheap. i blew one out that looked just like that... the first minute i was driving! but they arnt too expensive. [img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]
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          thats the whole cat right. after headers down to tip correct. also wat about this one

 ... dZViewItem

          But wat about the gasket. how do i know if it goes out or not.


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            no it's just from the catalytic converter back, where the flange is. that DOES NOT include a header, downpipe, and cat.

            I never had a problem with those gaskets, it could have just been installed wrong or town in packaging that made it fail.

            they are both the same item.


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              so i would have to buy the headers, flange and cat correct

              also would it just b better to get a custom one done or go with this one and add the rest


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                no you dont.... it just bolts up to teh cat


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