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Exhaust installed, check engine light on Help!!!

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  • Exhaust installed, check engine light on Help!!!

    i installed a pacesetter exhaust on my saturn, its a cat back system and once i installed the check engine light seems to go on when i hit high rpms usually about 5000, i un hook the battery and it resets its fine until i rev the engine high again and it goes on again and stays on for a while. Any ideas??

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    what year is your car?
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      96 saturn sl2,


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        might be oxygen sensor. i think shortly after i had my exhaust done, when i got into high rpms, i would throw a code for a slow signal or whatever from the oxygen sensor. bought the universal 1 wire sensor for $18 and problem went away.
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          did you remove or replace the cat?
          Is that an old O2 sensor in there now?
          LSJ powered 1998 Chevy S-10 turbo
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            same cat and same o2 sensor did not touch either of them


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              get a new o2 sensor


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                Get the code read.

                NObody can tell you what the SES means. I could tell you that you need a new ECTS, but it still doesnt mean anything without knowing the code.
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                  Autozone FTW. They'll read the code for you for free....but an SES light on a Saturn? When it goes OFF is a reason to worry!
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