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  • Naturally Aspirated Making my dream come true

    Sorry I’m new to sixthsphere been reading here and Saturn fans for years. Just never had motivation to do anything. Now I have 4 saturns. 2 2001 sl1, one motor stopped on me after overheating, Ects melted and head gasket was destroyed. the other I bought from brother in law found out block is cracked under ac comp from him putting water in car. Have a 1998 sl1 280k wife’s daily driver. Then I have my 1994 Sl2 I’m wanting to do a LLO build with, it’s a bit rusty coming from Ohio, so I’m going to cut into a truck with a bedcover and ford ranger rear window. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Any extra info on building a good running Saturn, what parts should I buy new and what’s best brands for pistons, rings, rods. Should I use that 2001 block? I already have it torn down out side of car, two cylinders had moisture in them is that a problem, is getting a block “resleeved” a thing, if so is that some thing I should have done? I have no significant scoring just light surface rust from cylinders holding moisture I guess car has sat since it pooped didn’t have time to mess with it. Now I have plenty of time and tools to get job done. I’m excited first full tear down and rebuild. And advice for rebuild would be greatly appreciated. I also have 3 huge binders from Saturn dealership. Very detailed service manuals. Don’t know if anyone needs any info out of them making it know I have them.

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    Getting a 94 Dohc motor for 125 tomorrow. 80000 miles on motor. Super stoked, ready to get it in that 01 sl2 with wrx Coilovers. Still trying to get a hold of this wrecked ranger that i can kill two birds with 1 stone. Back window for my 94 truck and tranny for my 2000 ranger I’m going to be getting rid of once my 94 ST2 is complete.


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      If you are going for a truck build and don't need anything super fancy then I would go with any piston design that has the oil drain back holes/cuts in the oil control ring groove to help minimize any oil choking of the rings.
      -6S Resident Mechanical Forensics member #001.
      1995 SC2 Turbo 3.6L DOHC, 6sp manual, Ford 8.8 rearend running on MS3x.
      1998 F-250 5.4L triton...stock.


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