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SC2 Front passenger seat delete - ideas?

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  • SC2 Front passenger seat delete - ideas?

    I just replaced the crappy eBay struts left over from the PO. To replace the tears, ya gotta remove the passenger seat belt. Well when I went to reinstall the seat belt the bolt wouldn’t turn in. Upon inspection I find the threads are crossed. So I conclude that the PO did a half ass job (again) putting it back on.

    I don’t carry a lot of passengers. But I do haul my stuff with me. So I pulled the front passenger seat.

    What would y’all suggest I put in its place?

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    Run a tap down the hole and re-thread it. Helicoil if need be. Cars are pretty dumb w/o passenger seat unless it sees track time.
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      Thought about that. But I kinda like having the space. The rare passenger can sit in back.

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        Put in a little bed, might have to elevate it some in order to fit with the rear seat. It will probably the coziest you can get inside of a Saturn.


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